Sylvia's story

My name is Sylvia and I’m a grandmother and carer for my grandson, who is now two and a half. 

I decided to become a Parent Champion with LEAP as I wanted to help families in my community, especially those who are struggling.

LEAP is a programme that really engages with people, makes services more accessible and helps to connect parents with different services and opportunities for young children, like children's centres, for example. 

Parents and carers often don’t receive the right information or know what’s available to them, and so don’t know how to help their children to grow up healthy. They need help, for example, on learning more about healthy diets and how to make healthy meals on a budget. 

This is where Parent Champions can make a huge difference: they talk to families, give them information and help them to access services. Families trust them because they come from the same background and have had the same experiences.

With LEAP, it’s important that we support all carers, as well as parents, in bringing up their children, who are the future of our community.