Razika's story

My name is Razika and I got involved in LEAP last year as I felt I wanted to give something back to my community. I can understand the needs and experiences of parents, having been through them myself.

When I think about what I have gained through LEAP, I feel stronger – more confident – and that this is the first time that we, as parents, have been listened to.

Being involved in LEAP as a parent means that at meetings, it’s not like a pyramid with the conversation flowing from the top to the bottom, but a real exchange. I was very touched by this experience, where we were all equal and it didn’t matter if we’re Christian or Muslim, because everyone’s opinion was valued.

For the future, I would like LEAP services to be tailored to the needs of the community and I hope to actively contribute to this. I would like LEAP to take our role as Parent Champions a step further and develop workshops and training around issues that really matter. For example, I would like the training to also focus on cultural differences and be as inclusive as possible for all members of the community.