Hafiza's story

My name is Hafiza and I got involved with LEAP because I wanted to help out other families in Lambeth. I know how parents can feel isolated and how sometimes it’s difficult to even get out of the house. I wanted all this to change for parents in my community.

LEAP made me feel that my opinion was valued and that parents can really make a difference. Often, there is a division between professionals and families, but this is not the case with LEAP. When we meet, we are all there together and we can understand each other. We didn’t feel shy because everyone talked in a way that was easy to understand.

I now feel more confident. I’ve never been in this kind of situation, knowing that you have people who listen to you. But not only that: they use what you say and you can actually see the outcomes! You think, “Wow, I did this!”

For the future of the programme, I would like parents to always be involved in every step, as they are now. It’s important to receive feedback about activities they’ve been involved in and to keep the communication between LEAP partners alive at all times.