Andrea's story

My name is Andrea, and I got involved in LEAP through volunteering as a Parent Champion in Lambeth to help other parents access services for young children.

Sometimes as a parent you can feel isolated and unappreciated, but being involved in the LEAP process makes you realise you are doing a very important job bringing up the next generation!

Your experience actually does matter and parent involvement has been an essential ingredient in the LEAP process from the start.

For the future, it would be good if LEAP could provide some formulated structure to services so that all families can benefit from services available to them, not just those parents who have the time and energy to search them out.

As a mum of three living in one of the target areas, I'm pretty disappointed that my youngest is likely to miss out on seeing the LEAP programme come to fruition: he turns four-years-old in February next year. It almost makes me want to have another child . . . almost but not enough!