Training for LEAP Parent Champions

LEAP Parent Champions are trained volunteers who offer support, advice and information to other parents and carers about early years provision within the LEAP area.

LEAP offer Parent Champions the opportunity to develop new skills through .on-going support to help them build their skills and achieve their personal goals, including opportunities for further education and employment.

To become a LEAP Parent Champion you  must complete the LEAP Parent Champion training course The course content will increase your knowledge and understanding of the key LEAP themes –diet and nutrition, social and emotional wellbeing and communication and language development. You will learn about safeguarding, boundaries, confidentiality, boundaries and equality and diversity.

LEAP Parent Champions offer 2 – 4 hours a week of support to parents and carers talking to them about early years provision within children’s centres, community and voluntary organisations and health and social care settings in the LEAP wards.

LEAP Parent Champions may one-to-one support to other parents and carers to help them to develop their confidence, increase their knowledge and skills of the child development to bring about positive change – in their own lives and that of the community.

Once they’re trained and have built experience, LEAP Parent Champions can become trainers themselves to encourage and support new LEAP Parent Champions in the role.

LEAP Parent Champions will meet regularly and there will be a “LEAP Parent Champions Celebration” event once a year, where everyone is invited to attend with their families.

The LEAP Parent Champion course

The LEAP Parent Champions course is accredited, OCN Level 1 (Open College Network).seven week course.

The course content covers: -

  • What is volunteering
  • The role of parent champions.
  • Supporting parent, carers and families.
  • safeguarding
  • Diet and nutrition, communication and language, social and emotional wellbeing.

What LEAP offers Parent Champion volunteers?

  • Ongoing support and supervision
  •  Volunteer expenses
  • Opportunity  to make new friends
  • Develop new skills
  • Further training

Join us

If you are a parent or carer living (or with connections) in the LEAP area and want to give something back to your community while developing new or existing skills, this is the right time to join LEAP as a Parent Champion.

To sign up, or find out more, please contact Catherine Walsh 

Telephone: 07809 207 253/ 020 7582 4182