What is a LEAP Parent Champions?

LEAP Parent Champions are trained volunteers who provide support to parents and carers within their local community.  Parent Champions offer support, advice and information to parents, carers and their families within the local community.

LEAP Parent Champions might..:

  • Talk to parents and offer support, advice and information about services and activities for their children and families.
  • Set up networks of support for parents and carers
  •  Provide one-to-one support
  • Support professionals, community groups and local voluntary organisations to improve access to services for parents, carers and their families.
  • Provide support to parents from pregnancy and beyond
  •  Contribute to the transformation of LEAP services by influencing, shaping and evaluating services and collaboration.

Razika, LEAP Parent Champion

“I got involved in LEAP as I felt I wanted to give something back to my community. I can understand the needs and experiences of parents, having been through them myself. Through LEAP, I feel stronger – more confident – and that this is the first time that we, as parents, have been listened to.”

Who can be a LEAP Parent Champion?

If you’re a parent or carer, of any age and background, living in the LEAP areas (Stockwell, Vassall, Coldharbour, Tulse Hill) and would like to make a difference within your community, we would love to hear from you.

LEAP Parent Champions are at the heart of LEAP, offering information and guidance to other local parents and families and helping them to be healthy, happy and confident. As a LEAP Parent Champion, you’ll make a huge difference to the lives of children and families in your community.

Fathers play a vital role in the lives of their children and as LEAP Parent Champion, they can help build links with dads in the and act as role models in the community.  We are keen to recruit fathers and male carers to become LEAP Parent Champions.

Why we need LEAP Parent Champions!

We’ve gained huge insight from parents at meetings, focus groups and community events into the way they access services.

From LEAP Parent Champions we learned:-

  • Parents and groups in the community don’t engage with services. Many parents had concerns that groups and activities were already full.
  • Parents most in need of services were  not accessing them
  • Parent Champions felt that they have a pivotal role in support parents to access services.
  • Parents would like to be involved in the service design and delivery of services and, to receive consistent and strong support to do so.
  • Parents believe that the culture and language of services should reflect local needs and work for the families that use them.
  • Parents’ knowledge and confidence is the highest priority for their children’s development.
  • Improved information, education and advice would helpful to parents and their families.

Therefore, LEAP Parent Champions are absolutely vital in making sure that the local services being offered to the community are the right ones, that local parents know about what services they can access and that local parents are being represented and have a voice. For LEAP to be successful we need a strong foundation of LEAP Parent Champions.

Training and enrolment

As well as helping the community and local families, becoming a LEAP Parent Champion is a great way to get some free training and work experience.

Join us

If you are a parent or carer living (or with connections) in the LEAP area and want to give something back to your community while developing new or existing skills, this is the right time to join LEAP as a Parent Champion.

To sign up, or find out more, please get in touch with a member of the LEAP team:

Email: LEAPadmin@ncb.org.uk

Telephone: 0207 582 4182

Text: 0773 629 2536