LEAP NEWS - The LEAP website: a collaborative project

In December 2014, we invited local parents along to Stockwell Children’s Centre to share their ideas about how LEAP’s digital platforms should be developed and the issues they face whilst navigating the internet.

The day centred on discussions about the types of websites they as parents enjoy visiting, content they find useful, and features they’d like to see on the LEAP website. The group also voiced their thoughts on structure and navigation, and how the website's design could be optimised to make it user-friendly and welcoming to their audience.

We also had a session around the parents’ use of social media and the group offered ideas on how LEAP’s social media platforms could best communicate news and information to local families.

Taking these visions into account, the website was created. It will be showcased at the LEAP launch event on the 25th February 2015 at the Karibu centre, Brixton, where parents will once again be welcomed to give feedback along with LEAP partners and local voluntary and community organisations.

The LEAP team would love to hear your views on the website to help shape the future success of this 10-year project. Please do share your thoughts on our Contact Us page.

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