LEAP NEWS - Tender for LEAP ITT - Data integration platform

Tender for the build, test and post implementation support of a new data integration platform to collate and manage the data received from all of the LEAP interventions.

Part of LEAP’s portfolio for delivery is a range of locally managed activities that aim to support the achievement of the LEAP outcomes for the population that LEAP targets, pregnant women or babies and toddlers that are under 4-years-old.

Contracts will be offered for an expected timeframe for delivery, this will initially be from 1st August 2019 to 31st March 2020.

Suppliers should submit all documents required to form their tender to this ITT and send it to LEAPadmin@ncb.org.uk by 10am 15th July 2019, followed by organisation name in the subject line

For more information please see the NCB website