LEAP NEWS - Pre-invitation to tender (ITT) consultation for LEAP’s shared measurement approach and methods to increase our evaluation capacity

We’ll shortly be publishing invitations to tender (ITT) to commission an academic-practice partnership (APP), and an external organisation to support LEAP with the development of a shared measurement approach. Before we put out our 2 x ITT, we’d like your feedback on our proposed methodology and timescales, set out in our discussion papers.

Our proposed methodology has been developed after initial consultation with a range of external stakeholders, but we’re open to further methodological suggestions. We propose completing this work by early 2020.

Our questions to you:

  • Do you think we have the right balance between in-house and externally-led work?

  • Are our deliverables right? Is there anything missing?

  • Is there any existing data, intelligence and resource that we could use to support our approach?

  • Do you think this is a feasible timescale from awarding the contracts to the delivery of final, agreed outputs?

  • Do you have any other comments and feedback on the discussion papers?

Sending us your feedback:

Please send any comments and feedback to: leapevaluation@ncb.org.uk by Friday 26th July 2019. We look forward to hearing from you!

Discussion Papers

Discussion paper 1 - Developing LEAP's Shared Measurement Approach July 2019

Discussion paper 1 - Summary - Developing LEAP's Shared Measurement Approach July 2019

Discussion paper 2 - Strengthening LEAP's evaluation capacity July 2019