LEAP NEWS - LEAP Strategy Day

LEAP held its second Strategy Day on 17 October, which was an opportunity for parents, partners, the LEAP team and other stakeholders to come together and talk about the work LEAP has done so far and think about the next steps for the programme.

The day started off with a performance from local Lambeth story teller and word artist Benna who put together a spoken word verse about Lambeth, early years, the work LEAP is doing and the challenges faced by families with young children.

Everyone was then taken back two years to LEAP’s beginnings, with the showing of a video produced at the start of the partnership sharing our original aspirations. Talk then turned to recognising achievements, celebrating success, short stories about the achievements of LEAP in the last two and a half years, as well as proposed plans for 2017-2020. We heard from partner organisations, programme leads and LEAP Parent Champions about their individual experiences working with and alongside LEAP. There was also a focused discussion looking forward and engaging with the challenges that lie ahead and how to increase the reach of LEAP on a wider scale.

Jane Lewis, Head of UK Programme Development and Quality at Save the Children delivered an engaging presentation looking at understanding messages from research about scale – how we ensure that LEAP delivers services at a population level.  The morning session finished with three parallel workshops looking at LEAPs place in the public sector during a time of financial cuts, how best to engage the community and inequalities in the LEAP area.

After lunch, there was the opportunity to pull together insights from across the day and the different workshops with whole group feedback. This was facilitated on Slido, which is an interactive   way for participants to express opinions and debate and ensure all voices are heard. Slido displays opinions and thoughts on to a big screen and giving people the opportunity to vote on them. This proved a great way to stimulate discussion and focus on wider issues.

Overall, it was a very positive and constructive day and crucial to the continued success of LEAP going forward.

Read a blog on the day from LEAP Assistant Director Chris Wellings 


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