LEAP NEWS - Education researchers from Japan visit LEAP

On Wednesday (30 August 2017) LEAP had a special visit from a team of researchers from Japan, who had travelled to England as part of a worldwide project to collect case studies from programmes that address the issues of child poverty offered by charity organisations.

The Japanese contingent were lead by Dr Kumiko Iwasaki, Professor at Open University of Japan and her team of Dr Fuyuko Kanefuji, Professor at Bunkyo University, Mr Shinji Mondo, Editor in Chief of Sociology of Education, Ms Yurie Sonobe, lecturer at Tokyo Gakugei University and their interpreter Ms Yoshiko Nishigori.

They were given a guided tour of the Liz Atkinson centre where the LEAP team are based and met with LEAP Director Laura McFarlane and Assistant Director Chris Wellings. They then sat down with both as well as Public Health Specialist Sheena Carr and were given a presentation on LEAP and the wider ‘A Better Start’ programme.

Dr Iwasaki and her team are currently conducting a Japanese government-funded research project and were keen to discuss the relationship between child poverty and various disparities and how the society can create a social safety net system.

Laura McFarlane said of the visit: “It was great to have Dr Iwasaki and her team come and visit us. It is fantastic that they saw the work LEAP were doing from Japan and took an interest.

“As well as developing services, we are always keen to build links and knowledge share and this was a fantastic opportunity to do so on an international level.”

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