What is the service?

Training for practitioners at all childcare settings.

Speech and Language Therapy aims to enhance practitioners’ interactions with children, improve their knowledge and understanding on making judgments on when a child may have a speech and language therapy need, and develop their skills to supporting parents when referrals are made.

Upon completion of the training, settings receive the Evelina Communication Friendly Environment Foundation Award.


Who is the provider?

Evelina Children’s Hospital and GSTT Evelina Award.

How to take part

All Private, Voluntary and Independent childcare settings who have a significant number of LEAP children attending, may be eligible.


Can you refer other organisations?

No, Speech and Language Therapy programme is not currently working with wider organisations or professionals.



Practitioners can contact LEAP to discuss if their setting is eligible for this free training offer.  Jacqui McDermid LEAP Communication and Language Co-Lead Email: jmcdermid@lambeth.gov.uk Telephone: 07525 061 850