What is the Family Partnership Model?

The Family Partnership Model (FPM) is an evidence-based model that helps guide practitioners work with parents and children. The model has been developed over the past 25 years and has been evaluated in several research and development programmes across the UK, Europe and Australia. The model is currently being delivered by Dr Crispin Day and his team from London and South Maudsley NHS Foundations Trust.

There is considerable scientific evidence to show that health and social care outcomes are directly affected by practitioner qualities and skills and the model helps practitioners to understand what it really means to work in partnership with families by developing the skills of working collaboratively.


How does the model work in practice?

FPM provides a unique method to working with families and provides a framework that guides practitioners work with parents and children by helping practitioners to enable change in feelings, ideas and actions with parents and families.


Who is the training offered to?

Since October 2016, LEAP has been offering FPM training to all professionals in Lambeth working in health visiting and early help as well as outreach workers and managers from children’s centres. All managers/team leaders within each service will also receive comprehensive supervision training and appropriate support to ensure the model is embedded into practice. LEAP has ensured that there will be a supervision offer from SLAM while managers are being trained. 


Why is LEAP offering the training?

The hope is that by introducing a structured and concise model of working across the early years services in Lambeth, it will enable professionals to better recognise and support families and thus ensure a better start in life.

For more information, please contact Maria Schmidt, Workforce and Learning Manager at LEAP.