What is the service?

The LEAP Environmental Health service builds partnerships with colleagues in the business, statutory and community sectors, to develop and implement initiatives that address the out-of-home food environment in the LEAP area.

The aim is to increase the availability of healthier food choices for LEAP families. The service will work with establishments that sell or serve food to LEAP families, influencing and encouraging them to offer healthier options, use healthier cooking methods, and provide baby and family-friendly environments. Those that make the necessary changes will receive an award and display a window sticker, allowing families to choose where to go for out of home food and be confident that healthier choices are available.   

The first awards should be given from July 2019 onwards.  

Who are the providers?

Lambeth Food and the Health and Safety Team

How to take part

Pass any local intelligence on the most popular food outlets amongst LEAP families so I can target these first. Furthermore, please pass me any suggestions from the families or LEAP services on what food businesses could do to improve their food options and become family friendly.

The success of the service will rely on families being aware of the award and knowing to look out for window stickers, so please tell them about the service and refer them to me if they have any questions.

Can you refer other organisations?

Yes, please refer as much as possible.


For more information contact: Liza Ctori Senior Community and Environmental Health Officer

Email: ectori@lambeth.gov.uk

Telephone: 020 7926 6195 mobile 07734 001840