Group Pregnancy Care

Group Pregnancy Care is a group-based service for women who are expecting their baby within 3-4 weeks of each other and is run by LEAP, Care King’s College Hospital and Group Care Global.

What is Group Pregnancy Care?

The emphasis of Group Pregnancy Care is on social space and it is designed to build privacy and trust among expectant Mothers.

Women who attended will receive all their clinical antenatal care in a group environment, including discussions on a range of subjects across the public health agenda, pregnancy, birth, parenthood and mental wellbeing.

Group Pregnancy Care encourages togetherness and a sense of community, all women who attend the group remain together in the group for their whole pregnancy, it is also facilitated by the same midwives.

Who is Group Pregnancy Care for?

Group Pregnancy Care is for all women living in the LEAP area. It may be offered to women who are having their babies at King’s College Hospital but are not under the care of a caseload team. Pregnant women living in the LEAP area are also offered Group Pregnancy Care at their booking appointment.


Anna Gaudion Lead Midwife