Chattertime aims to improve and develop a child’s speech and language, through group sessions with a therapist and supported by a setting practitioner who has completed the Evelina Award training.

What is Chattertime?

At each session a therapist will be there to give parents top tips on how to support their child’s speech and language and advise on any concerns. 

Though your child will have the opportunity to practice their communication skills with other children through:

  • playing
  • singing
  • rhymes
  • stories

How to take part

Chattertime is a drop-in service that parents are welcome to attend at any time. 

During the session parents will be able to discuss their child’s communication and language needs with a speech and language therapist. 

The speech and language therapist will then be able to advise on next steps as to whether more specialist support is required or regular attendance at the Chattertime sessions to monitor the child over a period of time is needed.   


To find out when and where the next Chattertime sessions are please contact:

Jacqui McDermid LEAP Communication and Language Co-Lead Email: Telephone number: 07525 061 850

Jo Gordon Leap Communication and Language Co-Lead Email: Telephone number:  07545862479