Baby Steps

Baby Steps is a programme that supports parents-to-be with having a baby, becoming a parent and giving their baby the best start.

What is Baby Steps

Baby Steps is a nine-week programme that takes place in a small, relaxed group setting in a local Children’s Centre with other parents. The groups are run jointly by a Midwife or Health Visitor and a Family Support Worker.

These groups start between 28 and 32 weeks of pregnancy.


Home Visit

Meet us and find out more about Baby Steps.


Session 1

How our Babies Develop

Introduction to the programme and a chat about what our babies might be like. 


Session 2

Health and Wellbeing

Looking at our health and how it affects our babies. 


Session 3

Becoming a Parent.

The challenges of parenthood. 


Session 4

Giving Birth

The process of labour and birth.


Session 5

Caring for a baby

Looking at ways to care for and feed babies.


Session 6

Meeting our Babies

Getting to know our babies and forming early relationships.


Home Visit

Find out how it’s all going with your new baby.


Session 7

Welcoming our Babies

Bring your babies to the group and getting to know them. 


Session 8

Bonding with our Babies

Things we can do in the local area. 


Session 9

Our Families Future (the end of the programme)

Hopes and wishes for the future. 

Contact Information

Sheila O'Connor Baby Steps Midwife


Phone: 07500880763