Sort my stuff: A write up of the decluttering workshop – Nicola Doal

LEAP Family Housing Advisor for Overcrowded Housing Service Nicola Doal looks at the recent decluttering workshop and shares some top tips for sorting out your belongings.

LEAP Strategy Day: reviewing our impact on the community - Chris Wellings

LEAP Assistant Director Chris Welling looks back at the strategy day and explains why it is so important to the organisations development.  

The importance of listening to communities – Swinda Mark

LEAP Parent Champion Swinda Mark went on a community organising course and learned about the importance of listening to local communities

What can be done about overcrowded housing? - Nicola Doal

Nicola Doal looks at the causes of overcrowding and what LEAP are doing to address the issue.

How I became a Lambeth Breastfeeding Peer Supporter - Robyn Nalty

Volunteering for the Breastfeeding Network lead Robyn to a career she felt passionate about. 

How a Milk Spot changed my life - Natalie Moore

When Natalie had issues brestfeeding her newborn baby, she visited a Lambeth milk spot, which ended up changing her life.