What is service design?

Service design is when people come together and collectively build a service from scratch to suit the needs of themselves and their community.

At Leap, service design begins with the real life stories of people who will use our services. LEAP combines these stories with evidence based research and expertise to define what good services and good outcomes look like.

LEAP service design is structured and collaborative in order to create and redesign services that are more effective, desirable and sustainable for the community that we live in.

Okay… but what does LEAP use service design for?

  • To ensure we are delivering the right services for the local community.
  • Putting families at the heart of what we design.
  • A way to build services collaboratively with members of the community.
  • To explore new kinds of evidence.
  • Testing until we get it right.

A quick guide through the LEAP service design process

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A co-design group is set up with members of the community to look at the big picture: what is it that we are addressing? The evidence is reviewed and outcomes and measures agreed for the service.

Would you like to get involved in a LEAP co design group? see how at the bottom of this page.


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Getting out and about into the community gathering stories and experiences from parents and early year’s workers. Stories from the community give the service design team valuable knowledge and great insight.


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Taking the learning from community insights and making any changes to original service concept.  

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A prototype is developed for service to test and develop with the community.

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A really important part of service design is testing and learning. Testing your ides with the community will more that often raise areas in your service that need more work or have been overlooked.

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Taking the learning gathered from the testing and develop a detailed service blueprint before piloting.

Get involved

Are you expecting a baby? Or do have children between the ages 0 – 4yrs and live in the Lambeth areas of Myatts Field, Stockwell, Brixton or Tulse Hill?

We would like to hear from you, take part in designing services for your local community by getting in touch via leapadmin@ncb.org.uk

or call Sam Richards on 0207 582 4182.